Estenson Logistics Honors Driver with Million Miler Award

Estenson Logistics Honors Driver with Million Miler Award


Recently our VP of Safety and Risk Management Chris Licht was on site at Springfield Missouri to present our 83rd Million Miler Award Frank W. Also in attendance were our entire Missouri team of 10 drivers from local accounts within the area. Likewise, in attendance was our regional manager Richard Weaver and site Manager Steve Shelly.

Our safety meeting discussion centered around CSA, defensive driving, DriveCam, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Usage. It was noted during Chris’ 2-day visit that all drivers were wearing their PPE while on the yard strapping and preparing the loads.

Tim Estenson commented, “We couldn’t be more proud of Frank for all of his dedication and service to our organization. Recognizing our drivers for their accomplishments is an incredible pleasure and we hope that all of our drivers will someday reach this milestone.”

In order to achieve "Million Miler" status and receive the award, a driver must complete 8 cumulative years of preventable collision free driving. It is not an easy feat to accomplish and those that do are amongst the best and brightest of the industry and we couldn't be happier to issue these awards to members of the Estenson Family.