Our #1 Priority

Safety is the Overriding Factor in all of our Decisions

At Hub Group Dedicated, we take all matters of safety seriously. We invite you to listen to what our drivers have to say about our safety culture and just how dedicated we are to maintaining those principles.


Safety Mission Statement

Promote continuous improvement in safety and create a safe working environment for all Hub Group Dedicated team members. Support Hub Group Dedicated’s evolution to a stronger safety culture through:

Heightened Awareness:

  • Ensure every employee understands the impact that improved safety performance has on morale and profitability, and is aware of the basic responsibility we all share for that performance.


  • Provide timely, accurate information that enables us to measure our performance and create more effective education programs for Hub Group Dedicated team members.


  • Train new and existing employees in safe work practices, and prevent accidents and injuries. Provide all employees with the tools necessary to develop and maintain a safety educated workforce.


  • Identify and address safety event trends immediately. Develop and continuously improve effective measure for prevention. Ensure compliance with all regulatory guidelines.


  • Support Hub Group team members in their choices for celebration of safety successes. Promote recognition of safety achievements within locations, and publicly throughout the company.


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"With a positive atmosphere and easy to work with professional fleet managers and dispatchers, Hub Group Dedicated helps drivers out when they need it."


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