"It's a great job and an exceptional opportunity."
Stephen T. has been part of Hub Group Dedicated for almost 2 years. Hear his story about how Hub Group Dedicated is the company to driver for.
"Most companies I've driven for have treated me as more of a liability than an asset. Hub Group Dedicated treats me with a great deal of respect and makes me feel like I'm part of a family instead of just another number."
"Management's great and I like the people I work with."
Jason S has been with Hub Group Dedicated since 2009. Listen to his story about why he has made Hub Group Dedicated his home.
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The Hub Group Dedicated Experience

Carl C.
"Every day's different. You never get bored working for Hub Group Dedicated and we are very well taken care of."
- Carl C., Driver since 2003
Randy G.
"You are not just a number here. At Hub Group Dedicated, you are treated fairly and with respect."
- Randy G., Driver since 2010
Stephen T.
"Respect is huge. I am treated fairly and have a great relationship with my dispatchers and management. Hub Group Dedicated lives up to their word."
- Stephen T., Driver since 2015
Rod W.
"The culture at Hub Group Dedicated is second to none. They take care of you and won't leave you behind."
- Rod W., Driver since 2008
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“All in all, it's a great company to work for.”


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