Hub Group Dedicated


Hub Group Dedicated is an asset-based carrier specializing in providing custom designed, technology driven dedicated transportation and logistics services. We embrace a commitment to safety, efficiency, technology and innovation. Unlike other carriers, we focus our award winning service in one core aspect of transportation so that all of our time, effort and resources are devoted to maintaining those same levels on a constant and consistent basis.

Since our services began in 1999, Hub Group Dedicated has created a vision in which we offer our partners the very best of the best in terms of providing dedicated logistics services. We have achieved this culture by offering and maintaining several key factors in order to ensure that we uphold that vision. Our contract terms start at three years and length and our services work best when we operate local routes within a 250-mile radius.

When we say dedicated, we mean dedicated to your needs in all aspects of transportation. This includes the 100% assumption of liability, insurance, and transportation from beginning to end. We handle all of the recruiting, hiring, and training of drivers and staff as well as purchasing and maintaining all of the equipment necessary to handle the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo.

By switching your transportation to Hub Group Dedicated, you'll be free of all of the hidden costs for transporting your freight. Instead of spending your revenue on insurance, hiring and training costs, and maintenance expenses, you can focus your dollars on what you do best and leave all of the transportation, logistics, and liability on us.

We are in the business of making your business easier.