Since its conception, Hub Group Dedicated has seen immense growth in our industry based on the simple fact that we give our partners what they want and how they want it. This is the core of our dedicated service culture and promoted by our outstanding leadership team.

The most distinct advantage we have over our competitors is that we hire and train our employees with an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with a minimum level of bureaucracy associated with the way we run our operations. Our site managers are trained empowered to make decisions at their location when they need to and do not have to wait for approval from corporate to perform their duties. Each site operates as if it were our only location and we make sure that our employees are free to work without any hindrance or red tape.

While working with our partners, we continue to innovate and excel by providing continuous improvement initiatives. Once we get into a location, we constantly attempt to find improvements and efficiencies that will translate into continued cost saving efforts on both sides. This in-depth level of service builds confidence with our partners and allows us to seek relationships with new partners that will help both parties receive the same great service we are known for.